The Stairway to Health

Just taking the stairs instead of the elevator can make all the difference in the health and fitness of employees.

Being active at work, for example taking the stairs, can easily be part of the 30 minutes of physical activity that everybody has to do every day.
When you take the stairs, you burn twice as many calories as when you walk, and you do not need special skills, equipment or clothing!
People who regularly take the stairs have stronger legs and have a higher aerobic capacity than those who do not.
Taking the stairs is often faster than waiting for the elevator, especially during peak hours.
The Stairway to Health program aims to help workplaces adopt an active lifestyle . For organizations that already have employee fitness programs, the case is in the bag. For those who are still not convinced, a visit to the Web resource Active Living at Work: A good bargain will convince them of the importance of promoting physical fitness among employees. The Stairway to Health program is a good place to start!

The tools to develop and manage the Stairway to Health program were launched online in October 2003. Practical advice on adopting and maintaining the program, as well as management tools, downloadable posters, Other promotional resources.

This program can be customized to suit the strategies of each workplace. For example, some workplaces may have an ongoing program, while others may be interested in one or more special activities.

Encouraging employees to take the stairs is an easy and inexpensive way to improve their fitness – especially when using the Stairway to Health resources . There are major benefits to this program, including: reduced turnover rates and absenteeism rates; lower medication fee settlements; increased productivity; and improved employee morale.

Motivational posters are the most effective way to convince employees to take the stairs.




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