The ABC of Guarding: Advice for Parents

Girls and boys often want to make a little pocket money by keeping children. As a parent, how can you ensure that your custodian has the necessary skills? What are your duties as an employer or employer?

The qualities of a good guardian or a good guardian

You use a caregiver because you want your child to be in good hands while you are away. So you must find someone of mature judgment, who loves children and who will have fun with them. The caregiver must be knowledgeable about the children’s behavior, be able to provide for their basic needs such as meals and put the child to bed, and have been trained to deal with the problems Or emergencies that may occur.


Duties of Employer and Employer

  • Introduce the guardian to children and pets.
  • Have the caretaker visit the house, as well as areas that are out of range or dangerous for the child.
  • Leave all relevant phone numbers, including those of neighbors, and the telephone number where they can be reached, to the custodian.
  • Ensure that the guard knows how to use 9-1-1 (if available in your area).
  • Show where the first aid kit is located and make sure the caretaker knows how to use it.
  • Tell the caregiver about allergy, medication, or other medical information, if any.
  • Mention television programs or music that children have the right to watch or listen to, as well as computer games with which they can have fun.
  • Set visitor rules, whether for the caretaker’s friends, the caretakers or your children.
  • Explain, if necessary, the operation of some appliances.
  • Make sure the caretaker understands the routine in your home. For example, dodo time, snacks, domestic chores, activities and homework.
  • Provide transportation for the caretaker.
  • Indicate the estimated time of return and call the caretaker if there is a change.
  • Call the guard at least once during your absence to ensure that everything is going well.



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