Candles: A Hot Topic


Candles have become very popular. There is nothing more enjoyable than the soft reflection of candlelight during the holiday season. Candles are also used in religious ceremonies and perfume the air with enchanting scents. And in the event of a power failure, you can turn it on to have a little lighting.


Residential fire

Candles are the source of a growing number of residential fires. When the holiday season is ignored, fires caused by candles usually occur in a bedroom, where one tends to light scented candles to create a romantic or relaxing atmosphere. As you would expect, people fall asleep while the candle continues to burn and a fire breaks out as soon as the flame comes in contact with a mattress or bedding. It is trongly recommended that you do not place candles in the bedroom. In the event of a power outage, use flashlights.

A lighted candle that has been spilled or almost consumed and that ignites a nearby item is the main cause of residential fires. If the fire can be extinguished immediately, only the area around the candle will suffer material damage that can still be considerable. Anyone who likes to burn candles should always have a fire extinguisher close at hand. On the other hand, if a fire breaks out in a room where the candles have been left unattended – or when everyone is asleep – the situation will most likely turn into tragedy.



Place the candles on a stable surface, away from anything that could cause them to fall or catch fire. Use only incombustible candle holders (believe it or not, some are not!) That are large enough to hold the wax and strong enough to not spill. Cut the wicks 5 or 7 mm (1/4 “) high and turn off the conical or cylindrical candles at 2 inches (5 cm) from the candle holder using an extinguisher. If you have to carry a lighted candle, be very careful. Always make sure that an adult monitors the burning candles.

Are some candles more dangerous than others? In this regard, be particularly careful when using multiple-wick candles because they can produce a single long flame and produce intense heat. The CCS also recommends candles with flammable decorations, whether integrated with candles or not. For example, paper and bark can easily ignite.

If you like an atmosphere or an unusual decor embellished with candles, take these few simple precautions and full of common sense:

  • Place the candles away from any item that could ignite
  • Do not leave lit candles unattended.
  • Place the candles at a location away from drafts, curtains, children and pets
  • Turn off the candles before leaving the room or going to bed.




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