Safety Tips for Winter Walking: Walking on Ice

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Finding yourself in front of an icy surface can have a crippling effect. Not everyone carries crampons or other safety devices. So, what if you can not avoid a plate of ice? Believe it or not, body movements can increase your stability on an icy surface.

1. First, slow down and think about your next move. By keeping your body as relaxed as possible, place your feet more than one foot apart from each other in order to have a good base of support. This will help you to stabilize as you walk.

2. Then, relax your knees and do not let them hang. If you can, bend them slightly. This will help keep your center of gravity closer to the ground, which will stabilize your body more.

3. Now you are ready to take a step. Take a small step by placing your entire foot flat on the floor. Then, move your weight very slowly on this foot and bring the other foot back to the first by also depositing it flat on the ground. Maintain a broad base of support.

4. Some people prefer to drag their feet or take footsteps. If it suits you better, do it. Just remember to place all your foot at the same time on the ice and maintain a base of support about a foot wide.

Of course, it is always better to avoid dangerous situations by being well prepared and planning a safe path for your walk.




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