Stay Safe When Lightning Strikes

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A million times more powerful than household electrical current, lightning strikes can be fatal. A lightning strike can cause a cardiac arrest when the current enters the body; It can also damage organs, cause burns, and sometimes lead to long-term effects.

Lightning generally strikes high ground and protruding objects, especially those that are conductive to electricity – any metal object poses a risk.

Personal electronic devices, such as iPods, portable players, cell phones and signalers worn on the body during a storm, can contribute to damage when someone is struck by lightning. It is not the metal that initially attracts lightning. The metal conducts electricity and causes contact burns. Metal jewelery, including piercing and coinage in the pockets, can also contribute to burns.

Lightning strikes several kilometers from its source; So it is crucial to take precautions early. If the weather is forecasting thunderstorms, re-examine your outdoor activities. Stay as soon as you see black clouds build up in the sky, you feel the wind or you hear the roar of thunder at a distance. If you are outdoors, stop what you are doing and head for a house, a large building or a car, then close all the doors and windows and stay inside for at least 30 minutes after the The last roar of thunder.

It is essential to know what not to do. Some people try to protect themselves from heavy rain by sheltering under a tree. It’s a very bad idea. If lightning strikes the tree, electricity can move along the trunk, spread to the roots, penetrate the ground and cause a powerful shock.

To estimate the distance of lightning, count the seconds between lightning and thunder. If you are less than 30 seconds away, take shelter as the storm is less than 10 kilometers away.

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