How to Fight Drowsiness While Driving

Workplace Safety

Drive only when you are rested. Do not drive if you start falling asleep, no matter the time or place. Sleep a little or exercise, cancel or postpone your trip, or let someone cool and willing to drive.

Stay awake. Listen to a talk show or rhythmic music. Get along with you on long trips. Change your position often, always keeping your head straight and your shoulders back. Chew gum. Constantly monitor traffic signs and traffic.

Find a safe place to stop. On a long journey, stop every two hours. If you start falling asleep, stop for a break, stretch and take a breath of fresh air. Whenever possible, spend an overnight stay at the hotel or stop at a safe place for a nap. Beware of the effects of coffee!

Pay attention to your diet. Even though coffee, sugar or other stimulants can keep you awake physically, they will not increase your alertness. So drink water, juice or a soft drink with low sugar and caffeine. Opt for high-protein snacks instead of heavy or high-fat foods, such as French fries. Avoid alcohol and medications (including cold medications). If you have to take medication, consult your doctor to minimize the effects on driving.

Drive safely. Be prepared to avoid collisions, despite the actions others may take – including other drivers who may be drowsy.

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