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A playground must be a place where children play and have fun, not a place where they are seriously injured. The tragedies that occur there are sometimes caused by intentional misuse of equipment, faulty maintenance of equipment or lack of parental supervision. Most of these injuries could be avoided.

By playing together on a playground, children learn to share, wait for their turn and follow rules. By exercising, they strengthen their muscles while having fun. Before you go out to play, please ensure that your child is wearing safe clothing – avoid loose clothing or cords that may get stuck and smother. The helmet straps are also a potential hazard; Make sure your child removes his or her own before playing. Children must wear shoes at all times.

Before letting your child play on a new playground, make sure that the equipment is safe. Walk around the playground to identify areas of potential hazards. Look especially for conditions that could easily cause serious injury to your child, such as faulty or improperly installed equipment.

There is a simple rule called “Five S of Playground Safety “: Surface, Structures, Site, Supervision and Security .

Surface – Most injuries occur when children fall from one of the appliances. The protective surface must be loose, made of wood chips, crushed rubber or sand, for example. It should have a thickness of almost 30 cm and cover a perimeter of 1.8 m (6 ft) all around the equipment. Asphalt, concrete, clay and grass are not indicated. Also, if the slides are made of metal, make sure they are not too hot before your child slips – the sun can make them so hot that they cause painful arm and Has contact with the metal.

Structure – If the playing structure is wooden, make sure that the wood is smooth, free of splinters or weak spots, where it could break. Check for areas of equipment where a child may get a part of his body. All steps must have a non-slip surface. The swings must be spaced at least 60 cm (2 ft.) Apart and their seats made of a soft material. They must be installed away from other appliances to reduce the risk of collision with swinging children.

Site – Ensure that the floor and surface of the equipment are free from glass debris, nails, protruding bolts, etc., and that no parts are broken.

Supervision – Supervision is essential if we want children to play safely. They do not always use the equipment as it should be. They often climb the structure from the outside. Make sure there is no place or tube where your child is not in your visual field.

Safety – Be sure to read all the rules posted on the playground and make sure your child understands them. Equipment that is not suitable for the age of the children who use it is one of the primary causes of injury. A good playground must have separate play areas, appropriate to the age of the children. Toddlers should not be permitted to play on appliances designed for the older ones.

No matter how many precautions are taken, nothing will prevent your child from injuring himself if he plays recklessly and, if he is young, without supervision. Teach him how to play safely and you do not have to worry, play at home, at school or at a friend’s house.

Avoid hooded vests and clothing with long cords; If they get stuck somewhere, you risk choking yourself.
If you go to the park by bicycle or rollerblades, do not forget to remove your helmet before playing. Its belts could get stuck in the gaming devices.
Beware of metal slides. They can get very hot in the sun.
Do not walk barefoot. Always wear your shoes to protect yourself from splinters and cuts.
Do not play on wet play structures. Their slippery surface could make you slip and fall.
Do not slip with other children. Wait until the person who precedes you has touched the ground and moved away from the slide.
Get away from the slide as soon as you hit the ground.
Slips always in a sitting position, face down. Never slip head first.
As the name suggests, the protective barriers are there to protect you. Do not climb over.
Stay well when you’re balancing yourself.
Never put yourself to two on the same swing.
Wait until the swing stops before descending.

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