Knowledgeable Buyers, Cautious Sellers

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Financially, everyone is a winner. On the one hand the seller makes a quick gain by selling his old items and secondly the buyer saves. In some cases, savings are not worth the risk.

The biggest danger and probably the most common is to buy children’s items at a garage sale or a garage sale. These items must comply with safety regulations, such as those of the Hazardous Products Act. These regulations apply to safety barriers, walkers, cribs, cradles, playpens, car seats, booster seats, strollers, lawn darts, toys and children’s sleepwear.

It is advised against the purchase of used car seats. These restraints are rarely used and installed properly – clinics and roadside inspections reveal that only about four percent of these devices are used in accordance with the law and the manufacturer’s instructions. It is therefore possible that the car seat does not adequately protect the child during a collision. In addition, used seats often come without instructions.

If the car seat is over ten years old, it is not safe because the plastic components deteriorate over the years. Are all parts in good condition? Is the seat suitable for the size and weight of your child? Never use a seat that has been involved in a collision. As a buyer, you know nothing about the age of the siege and the misuse of it.

There are a lot of electrical appliances at garage sales. A buyer of such products does not know the age of the appliance, the misuse of the appliance or the condition of the electrical components. If you purchase a used electrical appliance, make sure it bears the CSA seal of approval. If the device is not properly approved and causes a fire, your insurance policy may not cover the damage. Have the unit checked by qualified service personnel or by a licensed dealer before using it.

If you are caught selling property that does not comply with safety standards, you may be held responsible for injuries suffered by anyone who purchases your products. The Hazardous Products Act provides for high fines and imprisonment. Vendors must assume their responsibilities even in the context of informal transactions, such as those concluded at a garage sale. It is illegal to sell dangerous or unsafe items.

Safety at a garage sale is two-way. Even if yard sales can make the consumer happy, buying a dangerous item for you or your family is not worth the cost.

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