Finally A Reason To Turn That Thermostat Up Again

There is one in every office. The thermostat hog who simply can’t abide sweaters or any warm thing and insists that a Siberian temperature will keep everyone fresh and alert. Research shows quite the contrary, as a growing number of workers experience health issues in very cold weather. If not carefully managed, those who are exposed to extremely cold conditions for long periods of time could suffer health risk. But what to do when the office itself struggles to maintain its heat?

Is Cold Stress and Actual Thing?

It’s not just the guys working out in blizzards or in freezing temperatures out on the open water that risk cold exposure. Office workers who work in a poorly insulated building also stand a chance of catching a case of cold stress. This condition is what happens when the body goes into stress due to the low temperatures which can lead to other complications.

How To Curb the Cold

When layering up loose clothing simply doesn’t keep out the worst of the chill, other methods will have to do. One of the first things to do for those who are unable to avoid the cold is to provide warm areas and hot beverages to staff. This will improve the level of comfort in the office and also promote productivity. An ethanol fireplace is a great idea as it works well to create a soft, warm glow. Many ethanol fireplaces are easy to transport, as there is no need for a chimney.

Keep An Eye On Staff Who Are At Risk

Doing physical work in a cold environment can cause a worker to have a false sense of security in terms of the weather. Taking off outerwear while working in the snow is not a good idea and can lead to complications. Those who work outdoors should always work in teams for safety reasons. Hypothermia is silent and deadly as it often catches its victim unawares. Teams are encouraged to look for the warning signs in their colleagues at all times and get help immediately when needed. Wet clothing is one of the main reasons outdoor workers contract hypothermia. Workers should take special care when they’re near bodies of water.

Frosty temperatures can lead to a tough day at the office but with the proper preparation, workers can remain safe and warm. Safety always comes first in these conditions and comfort levels of all staff members should be taken into consideration when the thermostat is set.

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