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Bloodborne Pathogens


Bloodborne Pathogens Refresher English/Spanish
All of OSHA's recent regulations not only call for employees to receive initial training, but require that employees' knowledge be "refreshed"... through retraining... on at least an annual basis. Since the detailed information that is required by the regulations has normally been given to employees during their initial training, retraining sessions can usually focus on things like reminding employees that they should be paying attention to the regulation in question... and heightening their "awareness" about how the regulation affects their jobs.

PCS's refresher training products on "Bloodborne Pathogens" give employees the information they need to refresh their knowledge of OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens regulation... as cost effectively as possible.

Topics covered in these products include:

* The epidemiology and symptoms of bloodborne diseases.
* How bloodborne pathogens are transmitted.
* Methods that will prevent or reduce exposure.
* Biohazard labels, signs and container "color-coding".
* Hepatitis vaccination.
* Dealing with exposure incidents.
* Post-exposure evaluation and follow-up.
* and more.

Price $ 195

Cal-OSHA Compliance Forklift Training Safety 101 Handbook Sexual Harassment

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