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Risk Management Departments

Our customers face potential risks every day, from the hazardous processes used in their businesses to the extreme locations in which they operate. Risk is definitely an inherent part of their business. While we cannot completely eliminate these risks, we can establish risk management consultation and risk assessment services starts with an understanding that looking forward is just as essential as looking at today. Our extensive experience has equipped us to do this. Our risk management consulting company's extensive knowledge on different industries, combined with our unique approach to helping your business gives you the perfect partner to better reduce risk and chart a clear path for the future.

PCS Consultants, Inc. provides risk management services to assist clients and their teams to capture the predicted economic benefits from their business plans and project opportunities. The identification of opportunities and risks can be materialized and risks are managed to tolerable levels. This is achieved through the integration of risk and value management as inputs into a robust decision-making process. Our risk and decision analysis consulting team works with expert business and technical experts to provide specialist risk and decision-making services across the life cycle of business opportunities.


Bilingual: English and Spanish Knowledgeable and experienced consultants specializing in complex issues.


PCS Consultants is your one-stop resource for a wide variety of Environmental Health and Safety solutions. We offer a breadth of services that help you navigate through the complexities of OSHA and Occupational Safety Compliance.

  • Workplace safety program development
  • On-site safety and hazard audits
  • Loss trend analysis
  • Safety committee development
  • PCS Safety Trainer – onsite or online training
  • Mock OSHA inspections


Our consultants are experienced and skilled professionals who specialize in the particular safety issues pertinent to your industry and the risks facing your business.

Through cooperative efforts with the management and staff of our clients, our safety services help reduce unsafe conditions and practices while helping to create safer, productive, and more efficient working environments.

PCS' safety consultants can help you:

  • Reduce accidents and related costs
  • Meet OSHA/DOT compliance obligations
  • Lower the risk of occupational disease


PCS can assist in implementing an effective fleet safety program to lower your insurance costs and improve driver productivity. Our customized programs can help to eliminate or minimize employee injuries, damage to vehicles and materials, accident expenses and delayed deliveries. Through targeted safety audits, analyses, site surveys, and on-site inspections we deliver a fully customized drivers training program and policies which include:

  • Driver selection, training and supervision assistance
  • Accident assessments
  • Fleet safety program progress
  • Safety recognition programs

Cal-OSHA Compliance Forklift Training Safety 101 Handbook Sexual Harassment

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