Apple Removes Casino Games Apps From App Store

This is the news of the day in the world of casino games. Apple has just announced that it is removing casino game apps from independent developers from its App Store. An opportunity for our site to come back to this subject and try to see much more clearly.

Apple is waging war on indie games

It is not a promise, but an act. Indeed, a large number of mobile applications related to gambling have already been removed from the App Store. Obviously, hundreds of other games are likely to meet the same fate in the days to come to support the new decisions of the giant which has just implemented a new policy to review its applications. But if this gesture can give you an impression of déjà vu, it is not for nothing. Indeed, this week it is only copying a movement which is similar to what Android had done in the past.

Apple’s surprise purge

If Apple is taking this radical decision, it is above all to try to fight against illegal online gambling activities. To do so, it is therefore not going with tweezers by eliminating from the equation the casino games applications designed by independent developers, at the risk of punishing some who have nothing to do with this gaming sector. Indeed, today many applications which are in fact unrelated to games of chance are also deleted from the registry. And the worst part of all this, for users and developers alike, is that they are without any valid explanation. These casino games applications are therefore quite naturally removed from the store, without really benefiting from a warning by Apple which is therefore judge and party in this story.

But the decision of the most dangerous games is however orchestrated by a high authority in the background, which has therefore forced Apple to purge 38 casino games applications, which were until now hosted on the Norwegian App Store. It is indeed the Norwegian Games Authority which asked Apple last May to restrict its access. He then asked him to prevent smartphone users from accessing these applications on the pretext that the developers and publishers marketing such games in his store, when they did not have the licenses required to sell them on the App Store. And the sorting will be rather quick to do since only two casino game operators are authorized to date in Norway. They are Norsk Rikstoto and Norsk Tipping, which are actually two crown corporations.

A big cleaning on the App Store

We can certainly say that the Norwegian case has done well and that it is most certainly the trigger that prompted the Apple company to take a much more active and committed position against illegal gambling and especially against fraudulent activities on the internet. And it will go through these last measures. Actions that show that the company, and technology giant has officially decided to take an offensive and above all very strict approach to offer completely legal gaming applications on its App Store.

And it all starts with implementing a new, updated App Review policy, which no longer allows game apps from individual developers in its store. But then, who is affected in this last minute reform? Well, the apps that fell victim to this purge are actually the apps where users can wager or play real money casino games. But that does not stop only with a matter of money since are also concerned by this release in touch the applications which simulate a gaming experience.